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Spiral Bushings


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I understand the concept, and I have my plastic mandrel ready, but does anyone have pictures? 

Brown paper vs wood?  Wood type=maple?

Advice?  Caveats?  Spiral bushing jokes?

Thanks in advance!


(yes, I cleaned up a rough hole, and now it is too big  :( )

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I have been using a set of nylon dies, one male one female.  takes some trial and error to get the sizes right. make the female with the reamer and male with the shaver. I've been using brown bag. cutting and trimming to get it to the right size.After letting the paper soak through in strong hot glue, it gets wound around the mandrel, I use my fingers to try and squeeze extra glue out as I move along. The rolling action similar to rolling .... shall we say.... "other things" .... After twisting one up, I pop it into the female die firmly  and then into the hot water bath for a second to wash away extra glue. After a few minutes it can be pulled from the forms and allowed to dry thoroughly,with time to make more . I found it especially good to have the tubes dried thu and thu so that the shrinkage is not transferred to the  peghole. after that I found it helpful to somewhat size the hole and let it sit a few minutes and then glue em up right. dry over night.For final trimming I found a sharp shallow gouge, worked from the inside out, to be the best way to cut it down. 

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FiddleDoug's pictorial inspired me to finally try spiral bushings after thinking about them for years.  Now I do it pretty much the way he shows, using maple shavings, a steel taper, Titebond glue and a separate bushing for each side rather than a single bushing all the way through.  One thing that I do slightly differently is that I install a bushing in the big hole then, without waiting for that one to dry, immediately install another in the small hole.  I ream them both after they dry then install another set if I want to make the holes smaller still.

My main advice is to just try it, on a junk violin or on a fake peg box, to see what works for you.

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I gave Doug's wood bushing method a dry run, and it worked a treat.  Tight fit, and the offending peg stuck way out.  Simple = elegant.  I used a long bushing to do both holes.   clockwise bushing!  Now for glue... :)

Thanks to all. 

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