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Ahh, Evan

My friend!

Sorry, I've been out of touch for a while now. Not with any intention to skip out on my friends. But my bow making and my (every other day) dialysis schedule (not to mention my "demanding" wife and her rather odd pursuits!) have been taking up most of my attention as of late...

I'm now in my (very early - you understand - ahem!) sixties and have slowed down quite a bit. But I'll never slow down to the point of ignoring my hard-won friends.

Evan - you, as anyone here, can email me at - well, you've got the email address. And I respond eventually to any and every body that contacts me - eventually, that is. but I'm not gone - and in particular not gone for my small group of close personal friends. My apologies for not responding sooner.

I'm here, my friend - just slowing down a tad


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Oh Craig ,,

There’s never a need for you to apologize to me,,,

Just been thinking about you and yours.

Yes we are all slowing down,,, and dealing with various issues.

I recently had a bout with serious depression that lasted for a while,

Ready to dump all my fiddle stuff,, get rid of the model a, and it’s cleaned up painted and ready for assembly. How stupid is that,,,,. I wouldn’t play music or anything.  The craziest thing is I know exactly what to do to fix it,, but in the midst of it who cares,, not me,,I just put up with it, like I'm in some sort of stupor.

Don’t care about anything, and I can’t be doing that,,, I’ve still got kids at home,,,,certainly not fair to them.

It gets so stupid, utterly ridiculous.

I just have to juice up some beets with the greens, carrots, kale and parsley, onions and garlic, throw in some turmeric root, then drink it, I also ferment it, it is human rocket fuel! add some fish and coconut oil, to the diet ,the brain absolutely has to have good quality oil to function. a few herbs to stimulate the endocrine system, some free form amino acids for the brain, full vitamins with plenty of  D,,,

Then  if I’ll exercises several times everyday, lay on my belly on an exercise ball and bounce around like a maniac, leg stretches, one knee in front the other leg extended back as far as it will go, stretch,,, lift some weights,do pushups, this time I couldn’t do one, how sick is that, now I’ve got 15,,,exercise makes the brain larger I feel like I’m in my thirties again.

Trouble is at our age,, I like comfort, and exercise is not comfortable, jucing takes time, and you see when I feel good I get really very very busy and I start eating any old thing in front of me ,like ice cream, one of the deadliest foods on the planet, so I eat whatever, I don't take the time to exercise,,  then I look around and I am crawling out of a hole again! The modern diet with all of the processing, the bad oil, the chemicals just wrecks me to the core.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The older we get,, the more important focused nutrition is, without all the baggage and waste.                                                                                                                                        

It seems that as we age it is so easy for things to go wrong, and if you don’t have the answer……and it’s often too simple for some so called doctors to figure out.

So there are my old age related problems, oh if I do too much dairy I get arthritic.


So does my maternal instinct show?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

I've been a stay at home mom for 22 years,, men do develop maternal instincts if placed in that position long enough, at least I did to a degree.

, just wondering how you are,,

You are such a force and when you grow quiet I just take notice and wonder,, sorry,

I know what I go through, just wondering about you.

No pressure, just know we love you.

When I get a bit depressed, ,,,, my wife could just kick my ass and get me to do what I need,(are you going to eat more ice cream?) but she won’t,,, she is so sweet and patient, and spoils the kids absolutely rotten, I look up and wonder what I am doing with this absolutely wonderful gem for a wife, what does she see in me.

It’s a good life.

And it’s the same for you, you are a blessed man Craig,,


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