LETE Reparation label and Henry Jaye 1600s???

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Two questions: Perhaps a few more....

1. I am trying to find an example of a label by LETE who repaired violins in the early 1800's, as well as other biographical information about him. I have searched in google and they show many labels from early violins but none for a JH LETE, at least that I have found.  Does anyone have an idea of where to look?

2. I also am looking for a example of the signature of a Henry Jaye, the maker from early 1600's.  And I know he was known for his Viols and Cellos but little is written about any violin he might have made although I did find a book from the late 1800s that mentioned he did make violins.  And, how is the best way to reveal very old and faint writing.? I tried a UV light someone suggested and that didn't help. Is there another trick to bringing out the writing?  I thought of asking some folks in forensics at the local police dept for ideas.


Much thanks


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Yes, the later one I have found info on too. What leads me to think this belongs to the earlier one is actually an image burned on the back. It's a picture of a gypsy dancing and the date on the image says 1630 which would coincide with the 1700 century Henry Jaye.  A friend found this instrument which was being sold as a piece of folk art because of the Gypsy on the back.

The info I am looking on the LETE is from another piece that has his label in it and I was trying to research him.


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