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Scrap mammoth pieces for bow tips or craft work


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All of these pieces were purchased years ago. A few pieces I purchased in Alaska, the remainder of the lot were purchased from an import wholesale company here in the states. For the record these pieces are tusk and not bone. They were purchased as mammoth, as far as the exact species of extinct mammoth, I couldn't tell you. Some of the chunks are sizable, but I've seen much larger sections available, including largely intact whole tusks, but you pay a premium for the larger, more solid items.

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The bark, the color, the checking. There could be some pieces of elephant mixed in (I'm not saying there are, just talking about the photo ID). I've got a very large hunk of mammoth which is very white and hard to differentiate from elephant but these seem to be what it says unless the elephant died and was buried in the tundra for several hundred years. The beige color is most evident thing plus the variations in color and the very dark bark. Mammoth splits both tangentially and along the annual rings over the ages.



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Mammoth tusk is still available - I bought this large piece on Sunday at a Gem and Mineral show in The Villages Florida.  I cleaned it off a little and will finish it to a high gloss and a constant color (slightly creamy/yellowish white) for my scrimshaw work.  Scrimshanders eat your hearts out! Not for sale -yet.





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