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Greg F.

Bow Brands

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Another thread got me wondering about bow stamps.  There are quite a number of very old bows by famous makers, that (presumably) were used extensively by professionals, that have remarkably clear brands on them after all these years ((judging by ones shown on various auction sites).  Is there a chance that some of these have been "touched up"? 

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Until you get more knowledgable opinions, I'd venture to say that worn stamps seem to correspond to other wear.  The few very old bows I have had with worn stamps were also worn elsewhere.

I wouldn't doubt some idiot might try to "touch up" a stamp, but I doubt that is very common.  And if it wasn't done well (to the extent it was not evident) it would lower the value, IMO, more than leaving things alone.  And I have no idea how it could be done well.

It IS sad that some very interesting unnamed bows have stamps that can no longer be read. 

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