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Quick, Robin, to the Bat Cave!


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Lol...how cute is that?

Now you just need to figure out how to shine a light through it...for those emergencies.

"I forgot the parts to the 2nd half of the concert! Help me Batman! And while you are here...mind checking out the tuba player? I think I saw tentacles."


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I'm actually seeing clouds everywhere, and clouds can be whatever you want them to be.  The batwing buckle has been called batwing since I don't know when.  I suppose we could call it a multi-lobed copper alloy adornment accessory, in order not to insult bats.  

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I bought a bunch of mutes one time and I was surprised at how different they sounded.  The worst were the pernambuco ones, which all seemed to create wolf tones, next was the rubber sliders, best were the traditional shape ebony tridents, especially one that must have been a 3/4 because it was barely wide enough to clear the strings.  The rubber sliders sounded ok except after the ebonies.

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