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2 minutes ago, Don Noon said:

For sure it's got the biggest neck block I've seen... not original?

For sure , it measures 90mm across the width and 23mm down from the neck heal ! . upon inspection, it seems some tragic incident shattered the heal joint taking rib with it , there is a patch for the heal button and new wood on the ribs right next to the heal . I reason that whoever did the work wanted to make sure things stayed where they put them.

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6 minutes ago, Addie said:

I don't think any of the blocks are original.  Are the linings?  My first reaction was Salzkammergut.

I would bet $1 that all the blocks are added after the fact , the wood apears cut from the same block . The linings seem original , save a few spots that have been replaced. The original are thin and narrow, and do not seem to have been trimmed. The rib corners are sharpened and the plate corners overhang the ribs a bit.

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To my eyes it looks like an interesting Saxony violin from the first half of the 19th century before the start of mass production. They constructed usually without corner blocks, Somebody appreciated it so much, that he put a lot of work into it.

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