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A Present from Addie to Maestronet


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I had Niccolò stand behind a sheet, with a canelabra behind him, and from the shadow he cast...

No, that's what Edouart did in 1835.

I think the original is in the RAM collection? Anyhow, I traced over a really poor quality jpeg in Adobe Illustrator.

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Thanks and a Merry Christmas here is one in return I painted it from a drawing by Ingres , it was long before I started to make violins so no critiques of the dg thanks, oil on board 20 x 24 inchesattachicon.gifIMG_3580.JPG

That's an awfully good painting.  I think portrait painting is the hardest kind to do.  I'm sure your violins must be turning out well. 


Did you use a geometric construction for the violin shape or did you just paint it free hand?

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Wow, it's been that long since I checked the forum?  Have to go back a page to find the posting. Always willing to share, and his work is so neat.  An inspiration to a hack butcher like me.  Usually I find out someone died when I ask about them at Christmas and people look at me puzzled and say, "Oh, he died back in May."  No one told me.  A week isn't so bad.  

I thought guitarists were the only ones who didn't know how to cut their strings.

Condolences to family and friends. 


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