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Depending on the demographic, 10-20% of the general population have dyslexia in some form. The key is to know and be aware of the condition and establish habits that will counteract the consequences that may be problematic. Ie.... check and recheck your work, and that includes measurements, writing, reading  and math.... just my 2 coins worth:)


Cheers.... Mat

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ahhh, left-right confusion. I still have to stop, and think about which hand it is that I must use to write.

I was born a leftie back when the school system did not allow anything but writing with the right hand..

Which, of course - I could and did manage.

But I still recall how confusing that made things for a while.


My dyslexia landed particularly hard when spelling. For example I still occasionally spell some simple words exactly wrong if I'm no being thoughtful...

Words like "only" I spelled olny.


How or why? - I give.

To still want to make such simple mistakes - that's how I know (for me) that dyslexia is something physical, that never really goes elsewhere.

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Good doG, Edi, you must have it real bad!


Hi Conor - not really.


In site meetings, as a junior engineer you are always reading the drawings upside down. As you gain seniority you steadily move around the table until finally you are the one with the drawing the right way up.Anyway you soon learn to read things at any angle - so mirror writing doesn't phase me at all.


If I had to add a note to the drawing I would pencil it in so that it always correctly orientated. Useless bit of one-upmanship.


cheers edi

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When I was first learning to write in school,  I started on the far side of the page from my pencil hand, like I saw everyone else doing, and proceeded across the page. The trouble was I was left-handed, so I was writing backwards...must be a good way to get dyslexia or something :)  

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I'm dyslexic. I tend to hide it well. Like Craig I have to pretend I'm writing to figure out my left from my right. I probably should have been a lefty but was made to write with my right hand. And don't get me started on directions...


It is difficult to describe to people how one can see words on a page correctly, but have one's brain interpret what one sees quite differently. In my case, I will see words but the brain will stick a whole syllable at the end of a word at the front. It is a heck of a lot more than just reversing the odd digit in a phone number. Spelling and even reading can be a nightmare.


The odd thing is, I've found a way to adapt. I have a graduate degree and I've worked in jobs that rely on written communication for most of my career, so go figure. 

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Interesting topic.  I am only mildly affected by dyslexia.   When I saw this topic, I wondered if I had made adjustments to my violin making because of the way I am and I realized that I have in fact made adjustments.  I have all of my steps written down as a reference because not only do I spell and read things wrong, my mind will scramble sequential things as well.


Craig - so they converted you to a right hander?  They tried with me as well.  My mom couldn't figure out why my hand writing was so terrible in 1st and 2nd grade until it came out that Sister so-and-so wouldn't let me use my left hand to write with.  After my Mom had a few words with Sister, I was back to writing with my left hand.  Seems bizarre nowadays.....I do use both hands for everything to this day but I really can only write with my left.



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