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Dear experts and followers of online auctions,  

As you have probably read the violin of Pavel Vernikov have been stolen in a Geneva train station. It was a 1747 G.B. Guadagnini violin in a grey GEWA plastified case with 4 bows- Eury, Maire (Gold Mounted), Sartory and Peccatte dedicated to (J. Verdier, Paris 1877 on the silver part of the frog). If it has been a commissioned crime the instrument might not appear - if not it will sooner or later appear on some auction, or on internet. All info can be sent to Pavel Vernikov or Svetlana Makarova via facebook. Thanks for your kind help- look for the articles reassuming the unlucky event on internet 

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I think it is blindingly obvious that these days given the technology available a GPS enabled device should be in the case of every valuable instrument.

I'm even surprised insurers don't demand it. Attached it to the instrument itself is more tricky but not impossible with the minituriazation of devices these days.

Compared to the cost of the instruments it is a miniscule expense and necessary precaution. 

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 Attached it to the instrument itself is more tricky but not impossible

The problem would be convincing a cop a million dollar violin was stolen and your phone app knows where it is "See?" 

Only one truly practical way to do this and it could be patented by somebody if it hasn't been done, so I won't publicly disclose it.

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I would like to buy some simple but effective tracking device to put in my case to help police find it if it was stolen. I do not think an average thief would think of a tracking device in my instrument while ransacking my house for other stuff. I have nothing else of value except my instrument and am sure it would be the only thing taken in a home burglary so have thought about this for some time now. It is so easy to pry open most doors or break a window etc.

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What a terrible thing to have happen.  An invasion of your privacy and basic trust in mankind is a big shock to a person.


Having had my car stolen twice and been forced to look into this problem, I can tell you that there is no anti-theft device which works.  All can be defeated.  Professional thieves know how to defeat all this stuff.  These devices would only work on the amateur if they did not do their homework.


This is a good reason to have a worker violin and bow for public travel--decent equipment but not very valuable. 


Mike D

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