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Mittenwald late 18th century ?


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I am taking certain risk to overpopulate this forum with similar issues (recent Brompton item 100, etc) but will nevertheless take that chance.


I believe that the instrument in pictures may originate from Mittenwald and popular "Late 18th century" could also be the case.

Am I wrong?


But does your sharp I spot anything that would allow to be more specific?

Is that back maple? If not, what would that indicate?


I apologise for bad pictures and give my other observations: scroll fluting goes as far it may go, bottom rib is of one piece and saddle is let 5...6 mm into it.; corner blocks (as seen from f-hole) are asymetrical: ca 1/3 towards centre bout and 2/3 towards the lower bout.


Thanks in advance, I appreciate all comments.




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and "deckenmensur" (how is that in english?) 190 mm.


I would say table stop (length) ^_^

I think a nice and very well preserved example, and wouldn't bother myself if it was made a bit before or after the magic date 1800. Nicely figured slab cut bottom, possibly not the most expensive wood available at the period, but who cares?

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Thank you for your opinion!


JS - your opinion is almost political (looking at the dates);

 If so, please elaborate it even further! :)


But still, a well preserved example, indeed - no major major cracks at all. And of course, it maybe later than magic 1800, unless you find any further indication to this or that direction,

I will add a couple of more phoos that will make no difference, I suppose, but will correct me on saddle insert issue (it is less than I remembered at first).


Just to add a few details regarding its  history (but story is what we like, don't we?): it was in the possession of the local conservatoire since late 1940s, played by several teachers and students, first of them was a man who was a student of Jacques Thibault, (some time in late 1920s)  he played both for national opera and the national SO.


So, I do my best that this instrument may also have a future, not only the past... :)

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