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Some pics of ancient violinists

Greg F.

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Rue's thread on top 10 past soloists gave me the impetus to dig out some pictures of a few.  So, here are some.  All but one has been mentioned (at least once) as a potential top ten'er in Rue's thread.  A couple (maybe all to those more knowledgeable than me) should be obvious.  Anyway, just for fun.









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1. Oistrakh

2. Heifetz

3. Menuhin (with way too much Brilliantine  :D )

4. ?

5. Kreisler


BTW, what's this "Ancient"??  I don't see no togas or other drapery  :P

(And, except for the bearded dude who looks like he reeked of cigars, none.of 'em seem past 30 in the photos, either.)

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#8 is Joseph Joachim before he lost his razor, while #7 is a beautiful Erco F-1 Ercoupe with some posturing fellow (probably the violist you mentioned) obscuring the view.  :)

Yes to #8.  And yes to #7 being a violist.


For a clue to #6, his violin was in the news in recent years.

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