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Vuillaume bow with screws - fake or real?


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Dear all,


I recently acquired a cello from a reputable auction house stamped and sold to be from the JB Vuillaume workshop. Bow looks nice if on the lighter side, but what got me wonder was when I removed the frog and found that the underslide is screwed down with two iron flat head screws. This would normally get my "German copy" bells ringing, but I am too soon to pass judgment here? Pictures can be provided if need be.


Thanks in advance,



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I think it's very rare to see the circular type underslide with screws ... though fiddlecollector and Jeffrey are much more knowledgeable on this point than I am.

If there are screws on an authentic Vuillaume they will be iron not silver, and most likely pretty corroded (if original).

The photo quoted above is of an underslide for a standard octagonal mount, and a Sartory I assume?

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Here is a Vuillaume frog by Joseph Henry with typically corroded iron screws.


Here is a Sartory frog with steel screws.


In my limited experience standard silver and ebony mounted Sartorys are always pinned, whereas screws are found on gold bows and bows with tortoiseshell frogs. I would be interested to know from other members if this is a rule or just a general pattern (or plain wrong).


The placement of pins and/or screws doesn't vary much for any given maker.


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............. a reputable auction house..........................

Yup, the one I normally trade through has a reputation, too.  I thought they all had reputations :ph34r::lol: [Plays a few bars of "Only The Good Die Young", and returns to counting soundpost cracks visible at the current B********'s auction]

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Other than one head being slightly taller (and has a longer nose) than the other, the not often seen "nick" is visible on the underside of each shaft, behind the downturn of the throats. The first image belongs to another bow.


I'm honestly not following you, or at least not understanding your point. Are you speaking of the exaggerated curve behind the head (which is atypical of Sartory)?  BTW: Overlays often tend to distort or confuse the images more than clarify them.  At least one (if not both) images appear to be from a text.  Which text?  Also, how did discussion go from Vuillaume bows to Sartory?  Did we cross the Charles Peccatte bridge while I wasn't looking?   :)

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I think Petrus of Mantua must have clocked that I was questioning the authenticity of the Sartory he presented in post 6.

I was also unsure what that image had to do with the subject at hand.


So then I ended up posting images of Vuillaume screws and Sartory screws ... mea culpa.


OK.   :)  I started to get a bit confused at the first frog post.

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