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Looking for help identifying a bass I just bought for my son....not really sure of anything beyond the label (Karl Hauser).  I'm not a plyer, and really have no knowledge of these instruments, so any help would be appreciated!!



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Not really sure what you're asking...value of the instrument? History of the maker (or dealer who uses that label)? What do players think of it? Setup?


I always seem to be the guy doing this, but if you can't find an answer here you might try over at on the upright side.


There were a few threads there when I searched "Karl Hauser" but none were very deep.


You'll probably have folks recommend you lose the solid tailpiece wire and switch to stranded (if I'm interpreting your pics right).

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All that I could find:      Karl Hauser was brand name used by the Ideal Musical Merchandise Co. of New York, distributors of guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments manufactured by Hofner factory in Germany. Ideal Musical are out of business, I believe (as far as I know, the existing NYC company with the same name has nothing in common with the old one), but Hofner still exist. You can try to contact them if interested.

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Thanks for the feedback, all!  We were mostly trying to determine age, relative quality and any hints/tricks as to ideal setup.  Value would be nice, but honestly not all that important - unless we hit the lotto or something!   Interesting on the tail-piece wire.  I'll let him know to look into that and see what the differences would be.


Thanks again!

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