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A Tribute to Neil Ertz

Matthew Hannafin

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22 hours ago, Ernest Martel said:

Three years and still not done?  Dwight Brown's VSA viola took only months.  After all Neil contributed here you would think it would have been completed sooner....and what is the status of Craig Tucker's tribute violin? 

hi Ernie-- we had the opportunity to showcase that viola at the VSA convention, if you recall, and that made the deadline more pressing.

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On the fifth anniversary of Neil's passing, here are photos of the completed violin which will be presented to the Head of Strings at St Mary's Music School later this week.

One graphic artist, two amateur makers and 7 professional makers in the US and Europe were involved in getting the violin past the finish line. 



Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Back 1.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Back.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Bass side.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Front.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Scroll Back.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Scroll Bass side.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Scroll Front.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Scroll Treble Side.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Top1.jpeg

Neil Ertz Tribute Violin_Treble Side.jpeg

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