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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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On 10/10/2016 at 7:25 AM, Rue said: maple syrup on our turkey...I can't even handle cranberry sauce.  For some reason I find meat + sweet = *gag*  :wacko:


But I'm sure someone has done it! :lol:  I have had eggs cooked in fresh maple sap (straight from the tree, not boiled down commercial syrup)...also *gag*.


I will start cooking shortly.  I've actually had several requests for brussels sprouts too...they are naturally sweet - and so we appreciate them.  I am not sure why so many people use them as a *gag* example.  But each to his/her own!  :)


It rained most of yesterday, melted some of our prodigious snowfall.  Hopefully it warms up enough to melt the rest.  We really need to winterize our yard, and we need to be able to find it first in order to do so...


We cut pieces out of a huge maple log yesterday afternoon (in my on-going quest for a nice piece of wood for my end-table art project).  Hubby discovered he is NOT a lumberjack and sucks with a chainsaw.  Where is the spirit of Paul Bunyan when you need it?  :rolleyes:

One Thanksgiving dinner my godson, who was about 7 at the time, asked his grandmother to "please pass the cabbage testicles".... we like us some Brussels sprouts!

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