Tyrolean violin? Help in ID

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Use of the term "Tyrolean" might get you in trouble here on this board, unless it happens to be one of the few that were actually made within a very specific boarder (Tyrol), which I kind of doubt.


Cracks don't bother me on an old instrument if they are well repaired, not sure these are.

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Thank you all for your help. :)  Last question - Can anyone tell me what language it was written / What does this say?


The use of Kurrentschrift is indicating, that the language is german. There are only a few letters to decipher, unfortunately much is uncleared by reflections.


It's starting with (the year)"1915" and is ending "anno 1921". The word before anno could read "wieder", i. e. "again".

As a speculation, possibly somebody marked what happened to him/her and the violin during the WW I (1914-1918), getting it back in 1921?


If you can take clearer photos, perhaps it would be possible to decipher more.

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My try at deciphering:


"1915 ; uber    ....     an

Bruder anno 1921"


1915; over .... to

Brothers, in the year 1921



"1915" seems to be written by a different hand; the right half of the first line is still illegible.


To further Blank face's speculation; perhaps it could mean 

"1915; handed over to brothers in 1921" The violin of a soldier who died in 1915?

But that's pure speculation.

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That sounds likely, based on the few that's legible (although the first line is a bit to long for the word "übergeben"). 1915 might be the year when "the other" brother has got the violin and has marked it.


I'm curious if it was common in other countries than Germany, too, to inscribe so much at a violin's (mostly) back; actually I've got a violin bearing not less than 5 different inscriptions dating between 1844 and 1888 :wacko: .


BTW, actual archival studies are suggesting, that there was a forgotten small violin producing village called "Tyrol" halfway between Markneukirchen and Schönbach B):lol: .

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