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Darkening a neck back?


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If you're just looking for some color, skip washing your hands before practice! =P

But seriously, I think there are some commercially available stains, but some strong tea or coffee brushed on might do the trick, assuming your neck is unfinished. Shouldn't penetrate too deep in the case you don't like it, so you could scrape it off and try some else.

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Tea, coffee or many other wood stains will probably help you.  But if the wood is sealed (with shellac or varnish, for example) you will have to scrape or sand off the sealer first so that your stain can get to the wood.  Staining will raise the wood grain, so you will have to sand it smooth.  This will remove some of the stain, so you might have to restain and resand several times to get the color and smoothness you want.  Then, depending on the finish you want, you may have to apply a sealer over the stain.


All in all, you will end up refinishing the neck if you want to make it darker.  It's not hard to do, but it's a bit more complicated than just applying some stain.

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