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Interested in opinions on who may have made this violin.  Acquired from a horse trader circa 1950s/60s in Idaho.  Fake labeled JB Guad.  Came with tattered Lyon and Healy "certificate of authenticity".  May have had some connection to Weisshaar in L.A.  Beautiful dark viola-like sound.  Rather heavy fiddle.  Suggested by Bill Moennig that it might have been made by Sgarabotto.

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This looks nice!

I recently had a Bisiach Shop violin circa 1920 with a Guad label which initially I thought was Gaetano Sgarobotto, but which Eric Blot thought was more likely Ferrucio Varagnolo. It shared some features of your violin, though the scroll was quite different and it was more obviously a fake Guadagnini.

I would be interested to see clearer photos of the front and back - also do you have the measurements, back length, and across the upper and lower bouts?

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Sorry about the multiple posts!  I thought my earlier ones did not go through (somehow I had the idea they would show up in my content as present but not yet approved).


Martin, would I need some kind of caliper to measure the violin?  Or can I use a tape measure?  I'm going to take some additional pictures now.

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Ok this one is a bit beyond me! 

It seems to be a "rough & ready" interpretation of a Guadagnini, and I do think it could have something to do with the Bisiach Shop and their backroom work, but there's just not enough detail in the photos. Definitely worth taking it to a proper appraiser.

Measurements are nice, not too big ...

Perhaps Jeffrey can suggest someone local to you who could give a proper opinion.

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Interesting -- I had never really thought of this violin as raw, probably because I found it attractive and I was used to seeing it at home all my life.  But I see your point -- there is a kind of roughness that goes beyond just the cracks/repairs that were made.  Like the purfling kind of smushes out into the corners, and the scroll turn is sort of elongated on one side.

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