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Your Opinions On This One?

Kirk Hunter

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I don't know much about his violin except that it looks as if it had a catastrophic accident (like someone sitting on it, or similar).  The neck does not appear to be original to the body, but is apparently quite old as well.  The repairs are extensive, and were all done at the same time, so someone must have cared enough to undergo all of that.  I've already had one opinion from a good local luther, and was told it "leans" toward Italian with respect to the wood, age, purling. I'm just curious if any of you can determine anything about it from the photos, like the country of origin, age, school, etc.  Or....what it's NOT.

(FYI, if you can't read the brand on the bridge, it says "Bein & Fushi Chicago".)




























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Cheap trade violin, Markneukirchen /Schoenbach  usable as a decoration object only. If someone wants to buy those violins because someone thinks it italian, than I can supply dozens of them. 


Yeah, thought it could be a cheapie too.  I am no expert.  Only in SOUND do I have experience.

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