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'ebony' pegs from ebay


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Sometimes when I need fittings I buy a few cheapies from ebay or aliexpress alongside buying something reputable. My reasoning is half the 'reputable' stuff we buy might get sources from a factory in china anyway, so it's worth taking a punt to see. If the cheap stuff is the same as the good stuff then I'll take the cheap. My first violin it worked very well, I got a top quality fingerboard and pegs very cheap.

This time around, much less. I got a cheapish ebony fingerboard from ebay, sharpened my plane to cut the hairs off the back of your hand sharp without looking and then proceeded to rip the guts out of the fingerboard on the first pass. Ripped the grain out along the whole length. Absolute rubbish. Next was some pegs that I'd ordered. Firstly I mistakenly assumed they were blanks I could cut to size (they were not, my mistake). Next, even though they were described as 'ebony' I could put a mark in them with my fingernail they are that soft. I had my suspicions these were just some cheap timber painted black and with a quick flick of a knife I was proven correct:

Ya win some and ya lose some. However those pegs are getting sent back, the seller lied, I will complain to ebay and leave bad feedback. They are NOT ebony.

Oh well, pay crap, get crap.

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Even if they are ebony, frequently they can have problems. It's not uncommon for them to have sapwood, and be heavily dyed to hide it, once you cut into them the truth is revealed.





It's not worth buying this junk. The same goes for fingerboards too, where poor quality wood can distort in unexpected ways further down the line.
Not a bargain if you have to rework them repeatedly for a disappointed customer, or end up having to replace them for free.

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