Does anyone have any clue when this violin was made?

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I received this violin a while ago and have been playing it for a few months. It's very strong and has a rich sound, but I don't have any clues to who made it, what kind of varnish is on it, or when it was made. There is no maker's label on the inside (but there is something, that will be in a picture) and looks like it has had a repair, I think, since it came from a repair shop and may have had a small crack. I've made my own estimate and I guess it was made after 1900, but I'm no appraiser. It's actually due to be appraised sometime in the near future, but I've not gotten to it yet, hoping they have some answers. Also, no bow came with it (I have my own two), so there's not going to be any clues that way.


I have posted the pictures on Tumblr since for some reason I cannot upload them to this post. Also, I've made captions for most of them stating what I know:


So, will anyone have a go at this? Hopefully an estimate on when it was made, at least, maybe where, or by who (again, I also have no idea what kind of varnish is on it).


Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.


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A violin from the Cottage industry in the Markneukirchen (Saxon) area, pre-WWI

I've researched on those era instruments, and that's why I guessed around that time, thank you.


I would have the instrument professionally, professionally, professionally inspected by a few expert sources in person. 

Yes, I was hoping to do that soon.

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When I viewed the violin the first time I was thinking inside mold, a nicely done scroll and nicely cut ff-holes for starters.  And the edgework caught my eye.  So..... awhile ago I checked my only early German region made violin to check fingerboard mm edges for Don.

   After a second thought, I do see similarities in scroll, ff-holes and minimum clearance nicely cut edgework,  meaning now I will go along with what you said first - that the o.p. violin is from the Marky/Saxon region, not the country I first thought about - France.

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