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Need help with these cords.

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I notice you wrote third measure D as V-4.  Not sure what -4 means but D written as V in the key of D in the first place would make the D as I instead of V.  I see your last note written is Eb.  That is sub-dominant in the key of D.  Did you mean to transcribe in the key of A originally?   I'm sure it sounds good.   Thought I'd ask my question here too about key and chord changes so here it is-


I have a last eight measures that reads as this, 4/4 timewise , 4 beats per chord - D7, G7, E7, A7, D7, Db7   with the last two measures reading as follows - Co7, D7, D#o, E7  with two beats per chord each.  Question is can this be considered the key of C?  

  Stillnew.................where are you??????????  No hurry, just whenever.

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On 7/17/2016 at 2:18 PM, ivtec said:

Hi guys; i recomposed  these song but i changed the key and i'm not sure if these cords are ok, i have a hard ear for cords,can you guys expertise check if i need to correct any of these cords,thanks.

I'll assume you'd want to keep this in the key of Eb so following the ii-V rule of composing here's what can be done for changing things somewhat.  This will cover the three intro measures and the next four after - seven measures total.

intro    A7            F7   G7              B7

         l //// l             l //// l              l //// l

next four      F7          Bb            G7           C7

                  l //// l       l //// l         l ////l          l //// l

  It's about as basic as I could figure to put here.  Your left hand can arpeggiate the chords into four notes each per measure or use left hand to play two half notes per measure with the second half note being the fifth of the first one.

If you get nowhere with this we will say you always should of....... or keep it for the next tune.

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