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Cost for violin restoration


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Hello, I am curious how much will it cost to do a arching correction,cracks cleaning and reglue, chest patch. Cause I have a violin that needs a professional repair. However, there isn't any workshop near to my place. Therefore, it will be great if i can get some opinions here. I have attached some images below.Thank you!







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The shop that I worked at charged $1700 just to open the top. 


There are shops that charge an order of magnitude less than that.  But something I was watching the other day the repairman said what he was going to do to a violin and the guy's response was "Sounds like orthopedic surgery, only more expensive."


I've had good and bad repairs done both cheaply and expensively.  Interestingly an expensive repairman was the only one that destroyed an instrument - neck on that one ended up at a freaky angle.  I learned that sometimes if the price is very high it is because they don't want to do the job, and if they don't want to do the job they just might have a good reason for that.  I'd be wary of a high price if it could imply the job was hard for the guy, as well as a low price that implies he might be going to just run some sheet metal screws into it (and many would do just that).

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It was a violin made by Jacob Ford (London) in 1760. I think the restoration may raise the value if I want to upgrade my violin. I have attached another image here. What's your idea? 




Thank you!


First thing I have to admit is that I can’t remember ever seeing a Jacob Ford from 1760, and I would like to know from one of my english colleagues, what other Jacob Fords ca. 1760 really look like. I suppose that I have been surprised before. The second thing is, as far as one can tell from photos, I don’t really see what is wrong with the arching. I think the first thing you should do, is get on your bike, and show it to a profesional repairman, and have a consultation what might be advisable. I (and most colleagues I think) charge by the hour, so anyone you wish to repair it will need a good look to calculate first. On Maestronet, you will only get no end of dabblers quoting a house number.

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