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I inherited a violin from my Mother in Law about 25 yrs. ago. It has been in "stasis" since then.

The only history I have on it is that my MIL's father was stashing it for a friend who was a member in the Louisville Orchestra.


It has a repair label inside dated 1947 from L.L. Chaudoin, Louisville, KY.

The Tailpiece and String Adjuster are both stamped Germany, as if that is a useful clue?


I'll post some more pictures from different angles tonight.









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I think is a Saxon fiddle, from 19th century probably. The shape of the scroll, purfling and the rib's corners are very Markneukirchen style for my eyes. This kind of ornate, and even more ornate, or lion heads are relatively common to find in that type of instrument.

Maybe some colleagues can give more information or disagree with me. It would be helpful to have more photos of the ribs and the cornerblocks, and also from the sides of the scroll.

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Such violins are to be found in the pre-WWI catalogues of the Markneukirchen wholesalers (and presumably their US agents)

I was going to suggest something similar, but Jacob beat me to it. This would not be a violin that would likely be played in an orchestra, but would more likely fall into the category of something that would be played on someones porch. Interesting edging, but other than that, a typical inexpensive, mass produced instrument.

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Often these violins also have no corner blocks and the top (inside) is very roughly carved - instead of smoothing it out evenly and then applying a bass bar, there is a lump of wood left behind in the general vicinity of where the bass bar should go. Replacing the edging is difficult and expensive. I'd usually recommend using this for decoration rather than spending the $$$ to have it repaired to be played. 

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