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A little heads up the developers/webmaster on maestronet.

AMATI's ad, is of a much larger resolution than the usual banner size. So when it loads a larger image, is messes up the layout. See attached screenshots.

A normal ad is coded like this:


img src="/adserver/images/ads/staryk1.gif" border="0" width="728" height="90"


and on the AMATI-ad the size is: 

img src="/adserver/images/ads/amati2016.jpg" border="0" width="3033" height="375"


3033px width is MUCH larger than most peoples monitors. All webpages should work with 1024*768 pixels.

Changing the code in the amati-ad to


 img src="/adserver/images/ads/amati2016.jpg" border="0" width="728" height="90"



would fix the issue.



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