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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a new set of violin strings which provide bright, clear and responsive sounds. The set could be a mix of many different brands or lines or even just the same throughout. I am doubtful and ambivalent since there are so many brands and lines out there:

Pirastro (tonica, evah pirazzi,oliv,eudoxa,etc)


Red Label

Larsen (virtuoso)

Thomastik Infield (Vision)

D'addorio (helicore)




I appreciate every comment from your experiences. If you have any other brands and lines which are also significant please write in your comment as well.

Thank you,


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What kind of strings will you be replacing? Did they ever satisfy you? Answers to those questions would help you get useful advice here.


This thread from earlier this year may give you some more ideas.




When I first tried Thomastik Dominants in the early 1970s they did not suit the one violin I had then. They have become the benchmark violin strings, as CM suggests, and were pretty standardly installed on all violins offered for sale for many years. Pirastro Tonicas, which were introduced to market a few years later are voiced differently and they did work for me on that violin. Both of these brands are reasonably priced. Prices on line are about half of list price, and a high-volume violin shop should be able to offer you a comparable value.


Since those years I have tried many of the different strings that are sold, and have mixed and matched them on over half a dozen different violins. The best advice I can give you is to take your violin to experts and get their opinion as to what strings would be best on it. They may not be right, but they are more likely to be right then any of us at this distance. ("My expert" is Richard Ward at Ifshin Violins in El Cerrito, California, who frequently publishes articles in STRINGS magazine.)


One thing I have done consistently the past few years is to use Thomastik Peter Infeld platinum-plated E string. I have (so far) used it with sets (A,D,G) of Peter Infeld, Thomastik Vision Solo, and Evah Pirazzi Gold on 4 different violins and the result has been great all around. Athough I have changed the rest of the sets (as indicated) I am still using the original PI E strings. It's a very expensive E string, but it has made an amazing difference to the sounds of the other strings - especially the G strings.



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If you're looking for strings that are bright and clear, I'd recommend Evah Pirazzi, Peter Infeld, or Thomastik Vision sets. Higher tension strings tend to have more of an edge and sound more crystalline. I like to keep the G, D, and A from one set together, as the individual strings are carefully engineered to work together in each set. The brands I mentioned above are the top sellers among customers that come to the shop looking for a brighter sound.

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Anyone know where to get Thomastik TI or Rondo strings in the USA?

I have them in stock. I like the TIs (Thomastik-Infelds). I've been selling them since last August. I think that the TI strings are the first synthetic core string that fiddle players will like. I've sold many a fiddle with them, and they last quite a bit longer than Evahs.

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On 7/16/2016 at 10:13 PM, Peter Lynch said:

I am very impressed with the new(ish) Kaplan Vivo  .....   definitely worth looking at

I'm an adult violin student who has been playing for about 2 years now.  I switched the D'addario Prelude strings that came with my violin out for a set of Kaplan Vivos recently (without telling my teacher about it).  When I went to my next lesson and began to play on the new Kaplan Vivo strings, the surprised look on my teacher's face made me laugh!  These strings are very loud!  Not harsh or shrill (or anything else you might typically think of when you think of loud strings), but they have a big and bold sound!  I can't compare them with other high end strings, but I can say that they are much richer in tone than the Preludes I had on before and they compare favorably to the Dominants on my teacher's violin - but with more projection.  I have had them on for 4 months now and they still sound amazing.

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On 09/03/2017 at 7:36 AM, JamesBooth said:

...they compare favorably to the Dominants on my teacher's violin - but with more projection.  I have had them on for 4 months now and they still sound amazing.

Are you comparing the Dominants on your teacher's violin to the Kaplans Vivos on yours, or did your teacher change too? Because I don't see how you can compare the sound of strings on different violins.

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I have Evah Perazzi Gold, all four strings on both my violins and most of my violas.  At the risk of being a Pirastro fan boy I like them a lot. I would like to try the platinum E string mentioned.  I used to be very devoted to Hill E strings and I still like them.  There are two different G strings silver and a very expensive Gold one.  I have tried both and I don't see a lot of difference.  I may like the silver a bit better in fact.



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Been using the PI strings on all 4, with the tin E currently.  I wanna like the platinum, and agree it can jack up the G, but it's a bit brash sounding for my taste.  Then again, I may give it another try.  Has anyone tried the new(?) Dogal Capriccio or Vivaldi strings?

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Well, I play a cello and not a violin, and I am extremely new, and so little experience, and I have only ever used 3 different brands - so I really have nothing to contribute to the discussion, but I never let that stop me before...

First if you have a bottomless pit full of money to spend on finding the perfect strings, then by all means by the all and try every possible combination - otherwise.

While different brands/lines "tend" to produce certain types of sound, most modern strings (ignoring duty a synthetic for the moment) are designed for a specific type of sounds - words like bright, clear, warm, dark, etc. My limited experience and way too much reading says if you want a good chance at getting what you want, go to a store and talk to an expert, and let them see/play our instrument - or better, you play it for them. It seems most instruments are slightly different in how they sound with any given string (bridge is a big deal) Then there is the bow and your arm - all influence the sound. And finally YOUR EAR. 

Only by actually playing a set of strings on your instrument with your bow will you actually know what you are going to end up with. Experts are experts because they have a lot of experience in matching instruments with strings and the odds are better with them than the run of the mill us - 



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I have been reading through various threads on strings last week end ended up ordering Warchal strings to try. Their "Brilliant" might be for you.

Order from them directly for 1/2 price on the first set (trial price).

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Altough the EP Gold are misplaced heavily in my opinion. 

Those are still bright strings, the problem is, mainly EP players seemed to have reviewed those and compared to those, they are warmer indeed. 

What I miss is the category lifespan on violinstringreviews.com

For example, I like E P Gold, but after 10 weeks they are totaly gone at my playing style/rate, making them very expensive. Other strings like PI however for me last 5-6months before they die. 


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