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Another mystery cello - great sound? But what?


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Hi everyone,


this is yet another unknown cello post... I received this one as a gift from a cellist in Germany and he received it from someone else. Two pros (performers) have played it and think it is a star instrument, but can't tell me anything about it. 


A couple of points - it looks old - actually old - when you see it in person. It also has raised wood grain on the front.


For an EXHAUSTIVE collection of pictures, see this shared album on google:




I'd love to know what insight anyone can give me! This one is mine forever no matter what it is, or where it came from -- but the curiosity is killing me! 


Happy examining!



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I'll hang on to it for sure!!!!! Thanks for the info. The antiquing that people do can be really tricky unless you know what you're looking for. For me, if I bought a new cello, I wouldn't want "fake" old. I thought there were some problems with the quality, like the varnish in the f holes. And more obvious, there is a piece of saw dust or dust in the varnish. I don't think some who was building with pride would let that pass... Right?

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One last question that just occurred to me... Are Rhegin instruments junk? Or do they potentially have redeeming qualities? Or do they vary on a case by case basis?


I would say case by case...the biggest problems, like with other fast and cheap produced instruments, are junk set up or related problems, necks and fingerboards too thick or too thin, wrong angles etc., what can cause massive costs. Other problems could come from woods too fresh or artificially dried, cracking after some years or collapsing archings.

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There is a huge range of quality that comes out of Reghin. The Hora and Gliga factories produce industrial instruments ranging from unspeakably awful all the way through to almost OK, and much of their reject stock finds its way into the hands of antiquers in Budapest, and from there to Ebay/Germany. There are a number of small to mid-size workshops, some of which make really great instruments, though I've generally found there to be problems with quality control or consistency of output. Then there are many single makers, some well-known and well respected, for example Vasile Mare or Nicolae Ciurba, some less well known but equally good, some exceptional. 

In broad terms you get what you pay for ...

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