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Hi all,

   I don't know John, but I saw this on craiglist and thought someone here might be interested.  The posting is on craiglist, here's the link, some pictures there:


Capistrano Beach, Orange County "Entire Luthier/Violin-Making/Guitar Making Shop Tools - Incredible - $2750"





I am posting this for my neighbor and friend, prominent Violin Maker, John Speak. John is now 86 years old and has decided to retire. The money will be used for ongoing medical expenses for he and his lovely wife.

This is a truly amazing collection of everything you need to start a violin-making, guitar-making or any string instrument-making or repair business. This is a collection of tools, many custom made, and components, that has spanned more than 30 years of building and repairing wooden stringed instruments. The photos do not come close to capturing all the hundreds of tools, parts and pieces that will instantly put you in business.

The only way to appreciate this collection is to come and see it. It is truly a priceless collection. The asking price is absolutely a pittance of what this collection is worth.

I am not going to attempt to list everything, but here are a few of what you'll find:

Luthier clamps in every imaginable size for 1/16 violins up to contra bass
Huge assortment of new and used cello floor pegs
Large assortment of violin, viola and cello tailpieces
Assortment of new violin and viola chin rests
Large assortment of violin, viola, cello and bass ivory and rosewood tuning pegs
Many boxes of violin, viola, cello and bass strings and bridges of many various qualities
Beautiful vintage toolbox with unusual, custom hand tools (see pics)
Glue pot with lots of glue
Custom made saws
Sound posts for violins, violas, cellos and bass
Bridge cutting and adjusting tools
Classical guitar tuning machine heads
Peg hole reamers - all sizes with peg cutters
Sound post setters - all sizes
Miscellaneous bow frogs - used, many sizes
Assorted fine tuners
Large assortment of violin, viola, cello endpins
Purfling tools
Thickness gauges
Repair vise
Scroll carving chisels
Many, many custom, miscellaneous wood carving tools
Tailguts, nylon - all sizes
And on and on - just look at the incredible assortment of hand tools on the table
ALSO HUGE BONUS: INCLUDES a ShopSmith (we believe Model 5) in very good condition with a big assortment of accessory tools. It is shown in the very last photo. This is the quintessential workhorse of any wood shop.


Please contact me to set up an appointment with John. Cash or Paypal (+ 3%). Thank you.


contact name:

  • Neil

call or text:

  • ☎ (323) 309-7225

reply by email:


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