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Nothing to see here, move along.


Seems like a moderately  expensive fiber-reinforced plastic, with the fiber being cellulose.  Meh.


But how about index of refraction of the plastic?  Wouldn't it be nice to know how to fine-tune the RI of varnish? or sealers?


Here is a neat experiment I performed a long time ago..............  take all of your solvents and pour a little in each of a row of cups.  Put a bit of spruce in each cup.  When wet,  the wood samples will show varying degrees of illumination of the grain.


The most beautifully contrasted was a sample with xylene.  This has a RI of close to 1.45,  which is very close to the two RI's of cellulose.  The one with water (RI about 1.3)  is very uninteresting.  Liquids I tried were turpentine spirit,  water,  danatured alcohol,  mineral spirits, and maybe a couple others.


Oil varnishes are usually less when fresh,  but the RI may increase with polymerization,  I don't know. 


You can buy assortments of Epoxies with varying RI when set up.  They can actually be bought by RI at sites on the internet.  I have heard that rosin oil is also close to 1.45,  and others say this is a nice first coating,  at least for looks.

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