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Del Gesu's 1734 Lo Stauffer


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Since I've heard this violin I've got it always on my mind. It sounds magnificently.
You can hear it for example here in duo concertante with 1727 Vesuvius Strad:


Pitty there are only some photos available but no table and back maps/measurements, just LOB and bouts. Maybe some of you would be so gentle to give me a hint where to find them.

I can pay for it.

I know there is a poster avaiable at cremonaviolins.org and some data at Tarisio and:





  • Bibliografia Specifica: Sotheby's 1972; Wasinski 1975; Santoro 1982; Vettori 1986; AA. VV. 1995; AA. VV. 1998; Beare-Carlson-Mosconi 2001; Beare-Carlson-Mosconi 2001 (II)



That's all I know.

Thank you.



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You could find by searching for different DG plans the back plates thickness pattern and thicknesses.  To me the difference between DG and other makers is the back plate.  The backs are thicker in areas and in return you get that low, dark, sometimes difficult to produce sound violin tone.  


I've only made one DG back plate following specs coupled with a Strad pattern belly.  Clearly a difference in sound as compared to other Stradivari back and belly plates together I've done.  I should add now that my opinion could change in the near future.  I have a 1733 DG back and belly ready to go together soon.  I'm not expecting much for my effort other than is the DG sound going to be totally different from a Strad plan.  These guys were different from each other, maybe possibly some green envy showing on Del Gesu's behalf.

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Thanks for answers guys.

Uncle Duke you're right, this is the only research left came to my mind. I've got some data but I'm afraid result in thicknesses can be different from the original.

One more question is if the original Del Gesu's Stauffer's back plate was gouged by some barbaric person to become thinner?

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