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Neck Finishing

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Dear Fellow Members,


I am at the stage of finishing the neck.  I have 2-4 more coats of varnish, to be applied, and then onto the neck.  I know you are not suppose to varnish the neck so I am wondering about raw vs boiled vs double-boiled linseed oil?  Any advice would be great.

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I first raise the grain by applying a water based stain of your choosing - could be tea or coffee or something purchased.  Test it out first - It shouldn't be too dark but will bring out any flame present.   Then sand off the fuzz and do it again.   After sanding the fuzz with 600 grit I apply refined linseed oil heavily to the raw wood and take a tool burnisher and burnish the neck well.   I then wipe off the linseed oil and proceed to french polish in several sessions.    The alcohol from the french polishing procedure picks up the residual oil.   The solution I use is just Shellac and alcohol, 2 lb cut (1 oz shellac flakes, any color you choose, to 4 oz alcohol), no copal, sandarac, mastic, or other softening agents.   This is the same solution I use for bows - nice and hard and durable.   Easy to reapply at any time.   This is one way.



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