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Good morning all.  I am an amateur player and repairman.  My real job is chief engineer of a seagoing tug, and I also enjoy inventing.  I discovered the Stroh violin/violinophone on a Lindsay Stirling video and am embarking on building my own.  I have scoured the internet, youtube, etc. looking for blueprints or any sort of plans, but there isn't much out there.  I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on some specifics maybe:


1.  Details on the sound box; shape and materials that could be used.  I thought of trying a cast brass junction box?

2.  Diaphragm substitutes ( I saw one that utilized a mason jar lid)

3  Details on the "rocker arm" between the bridge and diaphragm (materials and geometry)


I have already rounded up a used Olds Ambassador trombone, a set of boat horns (for the monitor horn) and a VSO to sacrifice for the neck, etc.  I do a lot of hand carving and would like to do something nautically themed for the diaphragm box or sound box.


Thanks for any help.

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