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I've owned this violin for decades, and had it restored about 10 years ago. It's never had a label as long as I've owned it, but has been described as "Possibly Austrian, mid-1800s".


I was showing it to a friend over the weekend, and he commented that it reminded him of some fiddles he's seen made by Leopold Widhalm (1722-1775). The online photos I've looked at lend some credence to this but wondered the opinion of those here - I'm always amazed by the knowledge base here.





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Dear Zeissica,
To give anyone even a sporting chance of forming an opinion about your violin, you would have to provide more views of it, and ones that one could enlarge. To this end, you might find these suggestions helpful:

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One of the regular visitors on this forum who knows "German" sphere violins particularly well is Jacob Saunders, and he might be able to make a more specific identification. I have personally seen several Widhalm instruments from the different members of that family, and I don't think your violin was made by any of them, but, it does look like a good violin from that period,1750-1800, and from what I can see from your photo, possibly from one of the makers who worked in the tradition common to south Germany/Mittenwald/Austria/Prague. Ah, i see the Maestro himself has posted while i was about to suggest what photos to add. Nothing further to say.

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