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Need suggest about tools for viol instruments.


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Hello. I'm new this website. Also i'm beginner instrumenta build.

I need a suggest tools for viol instruments.

I was looking tools from Pfeil, Lie Nilsen, Veritas, Staudi, Crown and Herdim tools.

There are anyone know information about Veritas, Crown and Staudi?

I hear Staudi metal are goods. So i want be sure.

Also i try buy 1 or 2 chisels, 1 or 2 gouges and 1 plane. I was search online shop and total almost 260euro. So i'm not sure is good price or too much expensive for begining.

I'm try make price not over 250euro.

But even same brands tools are price too different. So i'm not sure which will be better for beginner.

I'm trying buy only few tools as i said and each one different brands. Because i want check which brands will be good to me.

So if anyone can suggest to me it will be thanksful.

Ps there are anyone also know how to build by myself violin making knife?

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When I started learning the violin to build my first task was: make your own knife.


I got a piece of steel from the Philip Morris cut tobacco with him. I have it still.


Some chisels and planes after I got carpenters.


Only later I bought new things


I bought a new chisel on the head. There were no elders.

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