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Violin tailpiece holder. Plastic VS Kevlar.


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I just measured several of my nylon guts, and the were right around 2mm... so a reduction of 2 mm would put kevlar at zero.


Even so, I also noticed that the gut was at the bottom of the tailpiece holes... which means that the bottom of the tailpiece holes then lines up with the top of the saddle, therefore it doesn't matter what diameter the gut is, the end of the tailpiece should stay at the same level.  Disclaimer:  I don't have any skinny kevlar guts installed to see if it holds true for them, and it is possible that the bending stiffness of the nylon gut (as it comes around the top of the saddle) could raise the tailpiece slightly.

Yes the nylon I have here is also about 2mm, the real gut varies between 1.8 and 2.5 with the average being about 2.3mm,  and Kevlar when pulled tight under string tension less then 0.2mm.

I’m not sure what the exact geometry is regarding where the cord leaves the holes at the back of the tail piece as apposed to where its pulling on the tail piece but I can’t see how the diameter of the hole could make any difference to the way it will pull under tension.

I’ve just now done an experiment using the same tailpiece fitted with Kevlar and then with a nylon cord and measuring the height of the tailpiece above the saddle and the string angle over the bridge, it appears to clearly confirm that a change in the diameter of the cord has a similar effect to altering the height of the saddle and by a similar amount...and altering the saddle height by this amount makes a very noticeable difference to the string angle over the bridge which in turn makes a big difference to the way the instrument works.


You just need to look at a diagram of the set up of tail gut, tail piece and strings breaking over the bridge and imagine the gut as a tapered wedge being pushed in or out to illustrate the change in gut diameter and  its patently obvious that increasing the tail gut width will make a difference to the string break angle over the bridge….and if that’s too hard to comprehend do as I just did and try changing the gut to Kevlar and you can easily measure the change in angle and the drop in the end of the tail piece….you can argue if the string angle over the bridge is relevant (I personally think it is ) but to argue that changing the diameter of the gut doesn’t effect the string angle is just nonsense. 

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