Dimensions for fractional cello bridges

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I need dimensions for a 1/4 size cello bridge.  I have searched this website, other websites, Strobel's book, and found some repeated dimensions such as string height, dimensions of bridge "blanks" but nothing on finished bridges, e.g., thicknesses of the finished bridge going from down to up.  Is it okay to scale proportionally down from a 4/4 finished cello bridge?


Thank you.

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I fitted a few cello bridges on student fractional cellos as well as few bass bridges and found that pre-cut bridges made to standard dimensions rarely fit these instruments unless you have really high quality instrument with neck installed to the norm (and the neck didn't move as is common on cellos and basses). Stock bridges are aften way too high and after cutting both top and feet you have too little wood above kidneys and heart. Or the bridge is way too wide for fingerboard that is installed on the instrument ans smaller size bridge would be too low etc...

I usually measure existing bridge and take drawings of fractional bridges into Photoshop and transform width and height to fit the particular instrument. Then print out on paper stick to some nice quartered maple and cut it out. Thickness is usually proportional to size of the instrument, but I start a bit thicker and remove some wood as needed for tone adjustment.

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