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String Spacing: Aubert vs Despiau


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I usually use Aubert violin bridges, but am trying out a Despiau. I noticed the Despiau is wider at the top than the Aubert of the same size. The string spacing I usually use (template) leaves a lot of "shoulder" hanging out past the strings on the Despiau. This looks odd to me. Do people use a wider string spacing? Live with it? Or... ? I seem to recall something in a previous topic, but where?

Thanks in advance.

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Same string spacing regardless of the bridge. I use the Despiau for 5 string bridges because there is more width up top. I use 11.5 mm between strings, center to center for some, edge to edge for those who ask for it.


What you do with the space outside of the G and E-flattening out or continue the radius-contributes to the look of oddness or not.

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I don't change string spacing between aubert and despiau, but I usually use despiau. If you do change the spacing you should also change the profile. Since I work on many sizes of instruments I had to come up with templates to work with various string spacings, and have a pretty simple method to determine the appropriate arc. Hard to explain, but if you're interested I'll take a photo that should make it clear.

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Thanks, both of you.

I see there are three things going on:

1. Despiau are wider at the top.

2. Most bridge templates flatten out past the strings (I posted a graphic a few years ago).

3. I'm making a new bridge because I replaced a thin, worn out fingerboard. This means a higher bridge, and that means a bridge wider at the top, regardless of the bridge-blank brand.

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