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Is my new bow made by the same maker?

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I have two cello bows from Ernst Willy Zöphel (1893-1973), i like them very much, sound is very clear, they both allow string instruments to sing very freely, one of them is a little bit more flexible, but both have very strong sticks and in optimal weight.
I reccently got another violin/viola bow, seller listed that it is from the same maker.
Overall lenght 73,5 cm, weight 61,9 grams.




The stick of the violin/viola bow is also strong, but it feels different - vibrations are not transfered through the recent stick so well as it is on my both cello bows and you can see something like scars along its length.


Violin bow frog mountings looks a little bit yellow compared to both cello bows.

(Bow with similar frog )






(The same ebay seller sold different bow too:


When i compared it to the following sources, it looks fake:!ea-ouchard-cello )




Is it Violin or Viola bow?  
Is it from the same maker as my cello bows?
Can it be 80-100 years old?
Does it looks like pernambuco?
Does the frog mountings and button looks from silver?
Thank you for you time!







































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