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What is holding the neck


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It's more or less still the same joint, if I'm understanding this correctly. The glue joint theoretically should be stronger than the maple of the neck could care to be, so I don't think that there would be any tension/load changes going on, as long as the dimensions are roughly the same afterwards. I imagine that the heel is cut back a tiny bit in order to compensate. I don't think that the button is holding the majority of the load, due to the small surface area that it shares with the neck heel. Take all of this with many grains of salt.

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While reading up on "new york neck resets", I started wondering what part holds the bulk of the neck: the glue joint at the button or the glue joint with the top block. I'm wondering, because with a new yorck neck reset a shim is placed between the top block and the neck root. Since the shim is fit with the fingerboard on, it follows that the shim can never be deeper than 6.5MM as this is the usual overstand of the neck. This means that after inserting the shim and glueing it into place, there no longer is full contact between neck root and top block. I would guess this would increase the pull that is exerted on the button, as the top block no longer holds the neck. Is truely only the button responsible for holding the neck in place? Seems such a flimsy construction... And also, if that is the case, why bother with a perfect fit of the mortise if all that matters is a bit of a fit near the top plate? I'm a bit confused...

The neck root/top block joint isn't affected. It remains intact.

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