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Looking for info on a maker


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I have a friend maggie that plays fiddle for Runa,The Vicky Vaughn band and others and she would like some info on the maker of her fiddle. I have no pictures just the info she provided below. 

Anything you know about this maker would be so appreciated .Or if you know where I can look. 


"Here is the info for my fiddle. I have nothing on an original label, but I know it was hand made in China by Tausson Lee (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly). Here is the new label:

The Heinrich Wilhelm Bohle Violin
Created Exclusively for
Rocky Mountain Violin Company
Stanton Seibert Howe Helena, Montana
Violin maker and repairer since 1968
Model Master Art Year May, 2000

Stanton Howe is a very good friend of mine. I've known him for about 21 years, and if I recall correctly, the Rocky Mountain Violin Company is his company, but I don't have any info on Tausson Lee. "

Thank you she is a very sweet hardworking talented woman and a friend and I would love to at least get her a starting point.


Kathy C in Ky

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Any luck? I joined this forum, because I too have a violin with similar information on its label that I can not find a thing about value wise. All I know is mine started out at around $500 15+ years ago, and came from the same shop you mention above. Other than that I am stumped!

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