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how precise is a herdim finger plane out of the box?


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Please post a photo of the soles to show the position of the mouth.

Janito, Here are some more pics.  In my limited experience with them (first build), the most useful are the 13 mm blade flat sole, 17 mm blade curved sole, and 12 mm curved sole.  Although I've used them all.  The really tiny 6 mm curved sole blade was most useful on the belly near a corner that was very prone to tear out because of the grain orientation/run out.  No tear out with this tiny plane, otherwise I could have done without it.  I know, theoretically, that buying full sets are a waste of money.  Because I don't know which tools I will need/want, I buy sets.  I may down size in the future, but not yet.  To be somewhat repetitive, I am very impressed with the the quality of the irons and I think they are a good value.  However, with hind-site, I would buy regular irons and cut my own toothed blades.  I find the factory toothed blades easily fall into their own tracks which I think promotes clogging. 





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Janito, Here are some more pics. 



Super planes.


There is a very different position of the mouth of the flat plane compared to the curved sole ones. They have done their homework -a flat sole will have less tendency to tumble 'head-over-heels' when it hits difficult wood. And they changed the angle of the iron - impressive.

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Thumb planes are scrubbers, if the mouth is too near the front (as with some very fancy new ones)

then the plane is less effective. 

Ibex are uncomfortable over priced and the screw is not well 'knurled', as the old GEWA ones are. 

I found some interesting planes on Cremona Tools (I don't usually buy their stuff)

made by Walter Barbiero, stainless, scroll down page a bit :



on a whim I bought a few of the new CAG stainless steel thumb planes from Cremona tools. I did a quick test with them are here are some first impressions


  • Body and lever cap are stainless steel, blades are high speed steel (claim R62)
  • Fit and finish is excellent -- better than some LV and LN stuff i have. Blades were accurately sharp enough to use out of the box 
  • The irons are very well machined and match the curvature of the sole quite well. Easy enough to sharpen. The iron backs came reasonably flat with a slight hollow. It took all of 3 minutes to hone one of the blades
  • Although the may appear similar to the IBEX, they are not. (The shape of the sole and the outline are far more useful. You can see the 8MM IBEX next to the CAG 8 mm. Note how the IBEX sides bow out compared to the CAG. the is even more pronounced on the one with the 18 mm blade. Because the sides are more parallel the 8 mm CAG can do a nice job of refining the transition between the edge and the arch. 
  • I tried them on spruce and maple and the perform well with no tear out with and against the grain.
  • The sole profile appears to be based on the old Norris and Preston designs. I have a bunch of old Norris castings -- see the third photo -- the 18 mm appears to be a dead ringer for the Norris sole pattern

down sides?

  • The aesthetics  may not be to everyone's linking -- I think the stainless is attractive enough.
  • no toothing blades as yet
  • because they are stainless steel they are a tiny bit lighter than a bronze equivalent 
  • be forewarned -- i found the Cremona tools shipping costs very expensive so i wound up ordering 4 of them to make it worth while. 

I report back once i've used them in production -- but net net, they work right out of the box -- nothing else I've tried does that.




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