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Haha haha ha...did you see the costs associated with this? Tuition doesn't include tool rental, transportation/field trip costs, materials or anything else. Who is the master teacher charging $4000 for a months tuition? Don Roy...

But I must admit that if we had a bed and breakfast with a huge shop area my husband would be doing the same thing...minus the promises of teaching anyone to make a world-class instrument in one month.

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"With the onset of World War II, Kreisler and many other European artists found refuge and a new home in the United States. In 1952, he presented this violin to the Library of Congress, showing his gratitude to his new home by this matchless gift."

In lieu of paying back taxes... :rolleyes:

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This fellow is a great Franco-American fiddler and makes interesting fiddles but I would say that this endeavor seems ill advised. 

Well, ill advised is a good description. Another might be ripping people off and mis-representing your abilities.

Having met Mr. Roy and seen his work, I would not touch this with some one else's ten foot pole. It is all well and good to make your own instruments and tout them as the best sounding ever and master level and on and on, but when you start taking people's money to "teach" them what you know, well, I think that rises to a whole other level of low down. It isn't cheap either.

If I were Oberlin or the VSA I might also be a little miffed at the implied endorsement/sponsorship of the event from the description on the website.


Oh, the hell with it. Don Roy is a con man, plain and simple.


But hey! A fool and his money... :rolleyes:

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Well I don't know about their 4 week program for violin, but he 4 week course on brain surgery, based on my skill level, has really been a godsend. I've been booked ever since. I can offer great deals on in home procedures for a fraction of the cost that those fancy pants hospitals do, apparently full frontal lobotomy's are back in fashion, so I need to go sharpen my purfling pick and sterilize my screwdrivers.

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Just had a closer look at the info. (It's like a bite I can't stop scratching.)

It looks like the minimum you can get away with for the week is $8413.

He does give you the option of spending much more. Like a tool package for 2,200.


But fear not! If this endeavor is a bit rich for you, scholarships are available, ranging from 500 to 1,500.

Who is the generous benefactor providing this scholarship?

Why, none other than that most august organization, the Maine Advancement of Luthier Craft!

Never heard of it? I wonder why?

But just think, after only 4 weeks you will have made your own violin!

But will it be any good?

Don't worry. Mr Roy assures us that "Your instrument will be comparable to many high end custom violins in the market and you will have created it yourself." (Even though it sound like most of the parts of the violin you made yourself will be from pre-routed, pre-carved pieces.)

Well that's a relief.



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A few months ago we were discussing lengths of various programs and what the minimum might be.  Here's someone who thinks you can start from scratch and get something glued together and strung up in 4 weeks.  That would take some great teaching and organization indeed!  I seem to remember at the end of my 1st two weeks I could sharpen a little and had a garland of ribs almost finished.   :)   If Mr. Roy can impart all this in 4 weeks, think what he could do with 8.  

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I see less wrong with what he's doing than the rest of you. Look, for $10,000 you also get exclusive invitations to concerts at secret locations. That's terrific, right?

For awhile my husband was trying to get me to pay for him to go to some monastery in France to learn techniques from Gesina Liedmeier in an immersion setting. Ok, so it would have been half the cost of this, and about 4000% more awesome, and Gesina Liedmeier has great skills. So, ok, it's different. Never mind.

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