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violin bow "J.P GUIVIER"

David tetro

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Maybe someone can help me identify a violin bow 
Which is called J.P GUIVIER .
I know that J.P GUIVIER is the name of a 
Famous violin shop but I did not see violin bows with their stamp In the past .
Maybe the bow can be linked to the violin shop ?
Can anyone help me by pictures assess its value ?


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Very simple in this case David, the greyish colour of the metal, and the green oxidisation tells us it's nickel, rather than silver, which tends to be a sign of cheaper bows. The ebony lining under the ivory faceplate is extremely thin, which is a sign of Markneukirchen work.... so without going into semantics of connoisseurship, it ticks the boxes for  20th century Markneukirchen work.... thereafter there are a bunch of considerations that you can spend hours talking about, but essentially those basics tend to hold true. 


How it plays is to an extent a different matter - some student bows really work well, but to guess by the wood and the kind of bow it is, it's probably a little underweight and feels a bit too effortless in the hand. You can probably play beautifully on it in the living room, but when you get to serious orchestral work, you'll find that you are grinding the stick more than playing the hair.... as a guess! I don't need to eat my hat if I'm wrong :) 

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