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Sam Zygmuntowicz web chat live today on Cozio

Cozio Admin

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Sam has very kindly agreed to appear in a live Q&A session on Cozio today - we'll be talking to him about his approach to tone production and other issues relating to sound.


Lots of interesting questions have already been submitted, which we'll be presenting to him over the course of the live chat. If you'd like to take part, it will be happening from 2pm GMT (9am EST) here.


Hope you can join us!

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Yes a big Thanks to Sam Zygmuntowicz, Cozio.com and Tarisio.com!!!


I was there by accident! lol

I was looking for Lady Blunt pictures and saw the webcast was starting in less than 1/2 hour.


The webcast was around 1 hour long.  It seemed to fly by very fast.

It made me appreciate all the help we get here everyday, by a lot of folks, who share a lot of their own time, helping a lot of beginners.


I saw a couple of familiar names from Maestronet at the webcast, so was sorta like 'Home away from Home'.


I hope they do it again. 

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Thank you Sam Z. and Cozio for a great discussion.  I printed the whole thing out.  I found Sam's answer to Mike Jones' question particularly thought provoking.  




Yes so did I.


Mike Molnar and Don Noon both had great questions too.


"James Michael Jones  3 days ago

Thank you for this chat , How about the tonal impact of the arch form? meaning the presence or lack of recurve in the Amati/Cremonesse style VS the full form of the Brescian arch." From Tarisio.com


I sure hope they do it again, as it was very interesting to hear not only such great answers from Sam Zygmuntowicz, but also the great questions.


Maybe Maestronet can arrange a WebChat with Sam Zygmuntowicz some time???

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