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Strad (and other) models database?

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Davide and others, I have a data base of Strad sizes of finished instruments from 1666 to 1735.  One hundred and fifty six instruments all together.  I have no idea where I got it, probably here on MN, but not sure.  It gives length and width of bouts upper and lower on all, and center on maybe three fourths.  The thing is these measurements are all over the place.  This leads me to believe they did nail the neck on before they attached the back to the ribs.  I doubt perfection was an issue ( at least center bout wise ) they may have already inserted the locating pins in upper and lower blocks so the length and upper and lower bouts would have some consistency.  It's the center bout I'm mainly concerned with.  This may also account why some have long corners and some have shorter corners.  I think I may very well be straining on a gnat and swallowing a camel worrying about CB width.  Strad and DG  may have cared less if the CB was 109mm or 113mm.   If you think I'm all wrong here, please tell me. 


It is hard to say, but certainly they are not watching the millimeter....

As you say draw the back outline with the free ribs may extend to a few mm if you are not careful, also a bit of carelessness in the bending of C ribs has the same effect which can go to add up.

What puzzles me in these collections of measures is that no one knows with certainty how they were taken .

With caliper or over arch makes a huge difference in C bout, while the difference is almost negligible in upper and lower bout expecially in flat archings.

You can easily get 112 mm over arch in a violin of 108 mm actual C bout width : not knowing how they were taken is likely to create a lot of confusion.


But if you look at the forms, a certain intention to vary these measures is evident, from 98 mm of form S to 103 mm  of form G there is a difference that can not be accidental, but the difference is also evident in upper and lower bouts (154 > 161 and 195 > 201), so the intention to widen the soundbox to improve the acoustic response surely was there.

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Hi Addie,

may I ask what kind of format is the "Legal"?

I download the A4 format only because I don't see the complete form on the "Legal" format (tips of upper block recess cut away).

Is it normal?

Have you never tried the A3 format for a complete form image? Even if A3 printers are not so common for household PC and I don't have one.....


Comparison with S and S1703? :)

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Two standard sizes in the U.S. are letter, 8.5 x 11 inches, and legal, 8.5 x 14 inches. A4 is in between the two, similar to the traditional foolscap folio.

The forms just fit on legal paper. I can do them on any standard or custom size.

The comparison is next on my list, followed by the two 'B' forms. Those are the last of the standard violin forms. Then on to fractional sizes and violas. :)

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A3 and Tabloid (11 x 17) are nearly identical, and will leave plenty of white space around the drawings.

Peter, maybe you can host the tool drawings as well? They are scattered through a lot of different topics here.

I would publish them in my violin magazine, The (Str)Addie, but the readership is very small. :lol:

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Forma B Lunga 1692.  Measurements from Sacconi, Italian Edition.  Note size discrepancies.  Note page formats.


post-35343-0-23118600-1454369125_thumb.jpg  post-35343-0-45703200-1454369144_thumb.jpg


U.S. Letter, 2 files


Forma B Lunga Letter 1.pdf Forma B Lunga Letter 2.pdf


A4, 2 files


Forma B Lunga A4 1.pdf Forma B Lunga A4 2.pdf


A3, 1 file


Forma B Lunga A3.pdf


Tabloid (11" x 17"), 1 file


Forma B Lunga Tabloid.pdf


Asymmetry, U.S. Legal, 1 file


Forma B Lunga Asymmetry.pdf



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It's not classic until the violas are done.  :)


Forma B Accorciata.  Measurements: Sacconi, Italian Edition. 


post-35343-0-56427400-1454433763_thumb.jpg  post-35343-0-86804900-1454433772_thumb.jpg


US Letter, two files.


Forma B Accorciata Letter 1.pdf   Forma B Accorciata Letter 2.pdf


A4, two files.


Forma B Accorciata A4 1.pdf   Forma B Accorciata A4 2.pdf


A3, one file.


Forma B Accorciata A3.pdf


Tabloid, one file.


Forma B Accorciata Tabloid.pdf


Asymmetry, one file.

Forma B Accorciata Asymmetry.pdf

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I see a few missing...


Stradivari squares, work cradle, planes, bass bar clamps, cello closing clamps, dividers/scribe MS 708...  :P:lol:

I'll try to upload them when I find them (or if you can post them here I will upload them asap).

You should get payed for what you are doing here! It is really professional work and you are giving it for free, wonder what your profession is.


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