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Strad (and other) models database?

Advocatus Diaboli

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We know the neck was nailed onto the rib structure BEFORE the plates were made, and assuming there was a stack of rib/necks, it would make sense to label them for model identification.  The necks were probably interchangeable to some extant, but they most likely wanted to know which ribs they were working with...  Just a thought.



Are you sure?


Advocatus, I think you've nailed it, this is probably the best explanation I've heard about the letters inscribed in the pegbox.

That way makes far more sense than to remember the model of scrolls, I will adopt your theory :)


Torbjorn, is impossible to be sure, but I'll bet my head that they nailed the neck to ribs before gluing the plates, even if maybe they had already made them.

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Are you sure?


Nope!  I think it's highly likely, though.

I think Advocatus is on pretty sure footing here. The conjoined neck/ribs were made first and then put on the flattened backs to establish the rough outline.

Lettering the scroll with the model of the rib structure makes very good sense within the generally accepted methods of Stradivari.

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Thanks Addie, downloaded.

Very useful for all those who ask me to copy my model of the G form.

I will give them your drawings along with instructions on how to modify it to get a standard stop lenght of 195 mm if desired and I will say  :  do a little more work, do not copy directly from my templates! (directly related to the topic "Templates" ;) ).

When I have some time I'll print them and try to compare with my template.

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Going back to the original post by Diaboli, I don't think that G form fits the fiddle. 
The lower corners could nto have come off that form because it's too tight in the lower C's. 
Also, the top edge of that form is too long for the instrument in the photo. 
When using forms Strad would like the rest of us had a small gap here and there. 

I'm making a new Strad (ish) templet today. 

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