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The Kreisler Guarneri del Gesù.  Inner rib outline taken from the CT Scan near the back.  Sound holes from LoC image with dimensions.  Outer edge of lines = edge. CM scale included.  Note asymmetry of treble sound hole eyes. 




Kreisler Form A3.pdf

Kreisler Form Tabloid.pdf

Kreisler Form Letter-1.pdf

Kreisler Form Letter-2.pdf

Kreisler Form A4-1.pdf

Kreisler Form A4-2.pdf

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This is long overdue - thank you Addie for all the work here.  I really appreciated the S form drawing.  It was nice to compare against what I already had and make a minor adjustment to an area that I was never quite sure of with my original drawing.   Anyway, I appreciate it!



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Hi Addie,

   I (we) appreciate all the work that you have done and continue to do but I would like to know how you produce the outline in Illustrator.   I have used Photoshop but I find tracing an outline quite tedious.  Is it easier in Illustrator?  I have a lot of violin images that I also would like to convert to just a simple outline.  Can you briefly share your expertise or point to a tutorial?



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Like anything else, experience counts... but yes, Illustrator is made for drawing. For quick-and-dirty, try the auto trace in Illustrator.

P.S. The first comparisons I did in this topic were auto traced. Convert your raster image to black (100%) on a white background, then open in .ai and auto trace. It should only take a few minutes.

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