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Dwight Brown

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I will away from the computer for a while and I wanted to send seasons greetings to all the Peg Box crew. Thanks to all of you for putting up with me and all the help and artistry on the Group Viola Build. It was a privilege to be involved with it. I loved seeing you all at VSA and I hope to make it again sometime. I wish all of you beautiful wood and sharp tools in the coming year and I hope everyone finds an Italian in the attic

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It seems as most of you are not celebrating Saturnalia??


Non semper Saturnalia erunt!!!




No, Captain. That might involve wild revelry. :o

Don't forget the Dionysia, too. [stables her charger, sharpens and puts away her labrys, and, shedding the accouterments of a Mycenaean priestess, waddles unsteadily into her castle to bathe and dress respectably for Confession, hoping that the Padre has taken his various medications, this time..... ]   :lol:   Happy holidays, everyone!  :)

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Well, well!  I awake to a white day before Christmas.  Oh, no, it couldn't wait 'til Christmas.  :)


But the good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be clear, and we'll see the full moon. A full moon on Christmas comes rarely.  I believe the last time was 1977, and the next will be 2034.


A wonderful season to you, Dwight, and all.


I love "may all your purfling centers be white."


I suppose I'd add, I'm dreaming of a white Chinese violin.

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