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Hello everyone!


I need help to identify this old violin. My friend and I found her when we cleaned his grandfather's attic.


We found it in a pretty bad condition, so I wonder whether it is worth the investment, or to use it as a souvenir in our café. I wonder how old and roughly where it is produced. 


I apologize for the quality of images and the fact that they are not taken as it is proposed here in forum, but these pictures are the only one I have now.


Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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Usually, new members can't post images, so congratulations on that.  The problem is that these are all WAY TOO SMALL and don't show enough detail.  Go look at any of the hundreds of violin ID threads on this site to get a sense of what people need to see, and post your images on a photo-hosting site if you can't do it here.  A member here, "Rue," posted a really good thread not too long ago describing exactly what we need to see, but I can't find it. 


Basically, though--use nicely-lit images, more like your first few images--NOT like #4.  A good straight-on shot of the top, one of the back, the scroll from the side.  The sides, the endpin area...That label/inscription shot was a good idea (though, of course, too small).   Then, one of the experts here (that is, not me) will be able to give you some useful information. 


Welcome, Paul

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You know...the search feature on MN isn't that great... :angry:


I have 'photographing' in the tags...and my thread never comes up when I use the search feature...


Regardless...for what it's worth - here it is! :)

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@ Paul

Thanks for welcoming. Should I post an URL or Direct link when posting pictures here? When I use Direct link in pictures with higher resolution it looks awkwardly big (so I posted these = small ones), but when I post an URL it looks like there will be no picture attached. I will try to put these pictures again



I've seen your thread right away and liked it very much, but I left the violin and camera at a friend's (150km), so that is why I apologized in advance. These pictures are the only one I currently have, although I could probably set a higher resolution.


@uncle duke

That was the first thing I tried, but unfortunately I didn't saw it.



I was hoping someone could give me a basic information from these pictures, but that's not a problem, I will take new proper pics.




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